Sound Temple

Lynda Arnold, founder of Sonic Devas Divine Feminine Sound Meditation Experience, is a Sound Meditation Facilitator, Vocalist & Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer and seasoned Performer on a life long mission to build healthy communities through the power of sound and music. She offers sound healing workshops, private sound baths, singing for wellness sessions at some of the top meditation and yoga studios in Los Angeles and beyond. She has been featured on the TrippVR, Unplug Meditation and Japa Health meditation apps. Lynda has appeared and collaborated at Earthdance, Chopra Foundation, Melissa Etheridge Island, Bhakti Fest, Donna Karen/UrbanZen, Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, Mindvalley LA Live, The Shift Network, SXSW, Lightning in a Bottle Festival, UNICEF Events, Burning Man and Lucidity Festival among others. Her intention is to provide a gateway for people to reduce stress, transform consciousness and heal through sound and meditation. She received a Certificate in ‘Sound, Voice and Music Healing’ at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco in 2010, has multiple music degrees and over 30 years of music education and performing experience.

Natalie is a multidisciplinary healer and leader in the wellness space, based in Los Angeles.
Natalie teaches from her own life experience the beauty and art of loving yourself, how to heal
from negative patterns, and activate the healer within. Her background includes certifications in
Soundology, Reiki Master, Chopra Institute Wellness Coach and Meditation Teacher, Dharma
Coaching, Yoga Teacher Training (RYT 200), and EFT.
Working with Natalie you can expect a healing experience that will help you transmute any
negative patterns that are holding you back from feeling light, aligned, and empowered. Using
different modalities that have helped her along her journey, she helps people create and design
a program and experience that fits their specific needs.

Santosh Das and Angel, Beloveds and Bhaktas, began their journey together at the Bhakti Yoga
Shala in Santa Monica, where they were resident yoga teachers and sound healers. With deep
devotion and love they share sacred sound vibrations and mantra medicine, taking participants
on a journey back to the heart, back to our natural state of unity and love.

Cosmic 432 hz acoustic soundscapes are created through an intuitive stream of consciousness
process using Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Planetary Gongs, Shamanic
Drums, Angelic singing of the divine Shakti mantras, and other magical instruments to lead you
on a harmonizing journey, all while subconsciously opening up energy channels to a natural
state of healing receptivity.

Take a bath, receive deep rest, soaking in the vibration of Mother Earth’s Heartbeat. When our
cells, atoms and DNA start to resonate in harmony with the frequency of the universe, our
capacity for healing and sense of oneness with all that is becomes magnified. Let’s heal our
bodies, heal our hearts, that we might come back to the Truth, that we might come back to
Love. Jai Ma!

Sonic Devas is a group of professional women musicians, sound healers, and wellness leaders working to bring sacred sound, mantra, medicine songs, and meditation together in one powerful presentation. Featuring a variety of unique instrumentation and a choir of voices, the sound envelops the listener and is meant to assist in deepening meditation practice, transcending ordinary states, and helping people relax into the moment. In a deep state of relaxation and meditation, you will hear harmonizing voices, mantras, medicine songs, Tibetan
and crystal bowls, flutes, harps, chimes, monochords, gongs, hang and tongue drums, frame drums, modular soundscapes, and more. Come experience the magic of transformational sound and deeply listen. This special Bhaktifest curated trio includes Lynda Arnold, Helane Marie
Anderson, and Luna Achiary who will serenade you into a devotional state of bliss.

The Sound Mind Garden is a work of art and music. It was weaved together as an official
business in 2020 after years of inner preparations and work. We are artists of sacred sound and
music, lifelong students of ancient mystery teachings, and full time residents of Joshua Tree,
The Sound Mind Garden has been providing soundbaths in Joshua Tree greater area since
2019. We are offering both small group sacred sound and soundscape sessions and larger
events entertainment performances suited for weddings, retreats, engagement parties,
Our mission is To connect people with their inner ecosystem through the use of sacred sound
and soundscape music; and to deepen empathy through the art of deep listening and inner
IG @thesoundmindgarden

Kim Tang has been Guiding “hearts, minds, spines, and lives” as a Senior International Yoga Instructor, Head Coach of International Yoga Sports Federation, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master, Conscious Connected Breath work Facilitator, “Of Source” Spiritual Study Group Leader, and Public Keynote and Podcast Speaker on matters of Consciousness and all things Mind, Body, Breath, Yoga, and Spirit, for two decades. Kim is a Powerful Holder of Space and Facilitator of Transformation.

She is co-proprietor of the Yucca Shala, a boutique private event center for the healing arts and spiritual sciences in Yucca Valley, Ca. It is Kim’s honor, pleasure, and privilege to Support You in Your Expansion.

Find out more about Kim and all of her offerings on

And by the Way, She Loves You!

Spencer James Larson is a Sound Medicine Master, Visionary Artist, Extreme Gravity Sport Enthusiast, Author, Permaculture Farmer, International Yoga Instructor, and Plant Medicine Guide.

Spencer is a Co-Proprietor of Yucca Shala, a boutique private event center for the healing arts and spiritual sciences in Yucca Valley, Ca.

Heather is a workplace wellness coach who is on a mission to promote a culture of wellness across schools, families, and institutions.
She has worked with clients ranging from HR professionals, entrepreneurs, top executives, college students, and stay-at-home moms and helped them move from surviving to thriving at work and at home.
Heather has spoken with over 2000 yoga professionals about incorporating wellness tools to thrive at work by intersecting diversity equity
and inclusion as well as workplace wellness tools.
Heather is a published author and has been featured in Yoga Journal, Hierophant Publishing, The Shift Network, Yoga Alliance, and has spoken alongside of celebrities such as Deepak Chopra and Elizabeth Gilbert.
It is her mission to help people transform self destruction patterns of racism, toxic productivity and perfectionism to promote a
healing centered life at work and beyond.

Heather Ash Amara, bestselling author of The Warrior Goddess Training
It’s time to thrive

Ed is from Belize and raised in Los Angeles. A Veteran of the U.S. Navy. In the latter part of
2017 challenges of life landed him at the Long Beach Veteran’s Administration Hospital in the
Substance Abuse Treatment Program.
Yoga found him by way of the Pathways to Health Program Sponsored by the Veterans Yoga
Project at the beginning of a journey of healing, introspection and spiritual development.

“The impact of the Veteran’s Yoga Project, Free Yoga on The Bluff and the amazing group of
teachers has had a tremendous impact on my life hollistically. Attending classes at the studio
elevated my personal practice preparing me for an amazing 200 Hr. Teacher Training

The Journey and all its twists and turns over the course of a year has increased in depth and
scope. Under the guidance of Dharma and an amazing community of Yoga Teachers, the
culmination of his 200 Hr. YTT was the beginning of a renewed sense of self and purpose; a
new life!
Over the past few years bhakti yoga, devotional soundhealing have become major paradigms
and themes in his offerings of Kirtan, soundbath and devotional yoga asana practice. Ineveitably
all of these components csn be found in just about any offering of his.
Instagram: @yogaofdevotion
Phone: (323) 839-2392
Venmo: @yogaofdevotion108
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Performance Artists

Wildfire Arts Collective is a Southern California-based multi-disciplinary performance troupe
specializing in choreographed LED and fire shows, character work, and more. Wildfire calls
upon their professional and extensive background in dance to create unforgettable
entertainment experiences. Fueled by passion, creativity, sass and a deep love for one another,
their projects inspire others, push boundaries and wow audiences of all ages.

Instagram: @wildfireartscollective

SkyFire Arts is a company dedicated to performance arts & workshops which encourage
ecological awareness & personal empowerment. Led by Michael & AnJa Ravenwood, the
organization blends the powers of cutting edge technology & ancient storytelling to inspire
audiences internationally. Both were born overseas and have studied meditation & flow arts for
over a decade. Knowing what an incredible blessing this life can be, they feel a calling to use
the allure of entertainment to transform global culture such that abundance is felt worldwide. To
learn more about their Mission & Vision, visit

Gallery Artists

Transcending from the concrete jungle of Los Angeles, visionary artist Benedigital aka Ben
Encarnacion flows with a deep spiritual guidance that continuously reveals itself to him,
projecting visions of activated realities and divine connectivity.

He has elevated into a mystical calling of Digital Shamanism which has visually and
energetically bridged the gap between ancient wisdoms and future ideologies.

He channels powerful visions that transform into mirrors of our own expansion as a collective
consciousness, to help raise the state of our global vibration.

His mission is to share reminders of the light we hold within that enhance and elevate our reality
and celebrate the existential power we each hold as infinite creators.

His otherworldly digital vision quest is a fusion of cosmic consciousness, mystical experiences
and ancient revelations. Channeling his groundbreaking experiences by remixing painting and
digital graphics. Embracing these practices, ideals and energy, Benedigital’s work is becoming a
vital component in the global visionary arts movement and live painting community.

The art of Dylan Thomas Brooks serves as a portal into otherworldly dimensions. His painting
style is complex and emotional, using vibrant pastel hues and glowing light to portray an
animated dreamscape. An LA Based artist, Dylan blends entheogenic and classic art
techniques with realms of Earthly and Ethereal inspiration to bring forth his style of Psychedelic

Vajra is a self-taught painter and philosopher. His art weaves together influences from across
time and space, drawing on timeless knowledge, ancient wisdom, and science. While his
paintings are all unique in their history and message, they share the common core of having
been made for the collective evolution and wellbeing of all. While his paintings often speak for
themselves, he shares his interpretation of everything he creates at his website,

Ishka Lha (pronounced ee-shka la) is an internationally celebrated visionary artist, musician,
writer, ritualist, and mentor devoted to helping spiritual seekers worldwide to connect more
deeply with their mystic heart, and experience more magic, tranquility, and unity in their
everyday lives. Ishka has been an evolutionary catalyst in the visionary art movement, and
approaches her creative process as a spiritual practice and healing modality. Her visual art
explores and celebrates the natural radiance inherent in all dimensions of life through the use of
neo-traditional iconography and mythology, and she is especially interested in what universal
archetypes, symbols, and forms have most helpfully guided humankind’s passage through time
into greater avenues of mutual respect, understanding, and heartfelt livelihood. Her artwork is
primarily featured in private collections, galleries, healing centers, and transformational art and
music festivals across the globe.

Luke Schroeder is an artist whose work concentrates on painting metaphysical views of the
human form through portraiture, miniatures, and live exhibitions. He was born in 1991, has been
painting since 2013, and lives painting since 2017. He grew up in Virginia and went to
Hampden-Sydney College (2013) where he acquired a philosophy degree and a penchant for
high detail resolution yet big picture thinking about reality. This intellectual enrichment has
immensely informed his artistic work, which focuses a variety of interconnected visual concepts
as paths for opening liminal and hidden parts of consciousness to insights for both himself and
others. His primary process minimizes planning in favor of the playful, spontaneous assembly of
shapes through color and texture, facilitating an evolutionary weaving of forms and ideas to
ultimately provide observers with a fully present experience that tends to go beyond attachment
to preconceived representation. All of his painting is done with quick-drying acrylic paint that
enables instinctive layering to achieve both richly textured cartoons and realisms and many
variations between. These process-based philosophical and craft techniques make developing
any live painting an especially magical journey which offers numerous surprises to both viewer
and artist. It is his profound wish for observers to absorb the energies of dynamic
interconnection and thereby transcend limitations in their perceptual powers, enhancing their
ability to see the unique in the universe and the universe in the unique. Grow your genius!

Moksha Kusa Marquardt is a painter, drum maker and teacher from Seattle, Washington. He
studied commercial art in Seattle in the early 90s and although he had an introduction to
painting at that time, he is mostly self-taught.
Undoubtedly growing up in the PNW has had the deepest influence on his work, as is evident
from his subject matter which aims to capture the spirit of nature; that which is felt rather than
seen. The circle of life and death and the balance of nature are often the theme of his work.
With more than two decades as a creative professional in the corporate world working as a
video game artist and designer, he is now a full-time independent artist who manifests his

I’m a native artist to the Zuni people from New Mexico. I lived in Phoenix most of my life and found myself wanting and needing to create art. I started with oil painting and worked my way towards using mixed mediums, from spray paint and acrylics and other forms of mediums. Recently I have been working with jewelry and sewing.

Healing Sanctuary

Healer Bios

Shamrock Holtz

has been working at Bhakti and Shakti Fest for the past 10 years. His work supports the clearing, activating and grounding of the nervous system while anchoring the light body into one’s incarnation and physical body. The focus of Shamrock’s work is the Breath and Body connection, in which he utilizes a range of bodywork styles: Lomi Lomi to Shamanic, Deep Tissue to Light Body Energetic Healing.

Rivka Leah Jade

was awarded Best of Miami Beach Massage Therapists in 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011. She has thousands of hours of both formal and experiential education in Massage Therapy and Holistic Health, is licensed and insured, and has been practicing for over 20 years. She specializes in Clinical and Intuitive Orthopedic Massage Therapy & Energy Work, Holistic Health Consulting, Trauma & Emotional Release Work, and Transformational Life/ Relationship Coaching. 

Rachel Petkus L.Ac.

has been actively working as a licensed healer for over 30 years. She has lived, worked and studied abroad in both Europe and Asia including a year in Korea and several months in China studying Acupuncture and Herbology. With a B.A. in Art, she teaches a meditative spiritual form of art expression at her home and through online courses. 

Len Watson

People come from all over the world to experience Len’s healing bodywork. He has continued to be very active in continuing education with CPU‘s in Medical Massage as well as numerous Classes/Seminars as a Chiropractic Assistant.   Len is very involved with Yoga and Nutrition for the past 38 years. He presents Powerpoint lectures on Cleansing and Detox with an emphasis on the Microbiome for the last 18 years and shares structural oriented bodywork in Santa Monica, Hollywood and up the coast to Oregon

Juliana Scoggins

offers a wide range of massage modalities to customize your massage treatment to meet your individual needs.  Positive energy included in all treatments.  Custom made oils add extra benefits to your time on the table. All natural, light, herb infused oils like arnica, calendula, camomile, St. John’s wort and comfrey, aid in relaxing your muscles, tonifying the skin and renewing the spirit.

Jean Greenfield

is rooted in love, human touch has always been a part of my life.  When I was young, I used to massage my grandmother,  family and friends.  Licensed since 1991, I have worked in a variety of places: movie sets, music clubs, mobile, gym, house calls, chiropractors,  special events as well as having my own office. My passion is my work, caring for the world around me, and animals.  I’ll support you where you are at in your life journey of wellness.  Sometimes it’s a slower process than we like.  I am here to support you along the way! It’s my calling. 

Dr. Wendy Puchalski

is a chiropractor, holistic practitioner and certified applied kinesiologist specializing in Neuro-Emotional Technique (N.E.T.).  She obtained her doctorate in chiropractic medicine from Los Angeles Chiropractic in 2007 with over 300 hours certification in Applied Kinesiology.  She is currently the Bhakti Fest Healing Team coordinator for 2023.  

Dr. David D Dannels

is a licensed and board certified Chiropractor.  He has been very fortunate and blessed to share his expertise and loving touch all over the world with an extremely wide variety of people and animals.  David has spent his entire life learning how to become a more effective and attentive listener.  His ability to *tune-in* is unparalleled.  During his sessions he dances back and forth between a feather light touch and a deep tissue release.  Other therapists have accurately called what he does a *Global Fascial Dance*.  

Bill Wicks

is inspired with a desire to heal deep wounds and reduce stress in all beings, Bill Wicks changed his direction of healing with Chinese Herbs and Homeopathy, to hands-on Reflexology treatments.  His journey with Reflexology started when his elderly art teacher, Norma Flynn, needed an effective way to ease her arthritis pain in her hands and feet.

Dr. Beth Cooper

tailors appointments to each client to select appropriate lotions, oils, healing salves, aromatherapy, and bodywork.  Her therapeutic massage aids people to move through pain and increase flexibility and balance.  People become more aware of what they bring to their own well-being.

Alexander Sharone (Xander)

listens deeply to your body’s innate wisdom with a keen awareness of postural alignment.  He integrates therapeutic massage techniques, craniosacral unwinding, and myofascial release to support your well-being, drawing upon training in structural integration and alignment-oriented therapies.   

BackStage Healing Team

Billy Hoveke

The practice of energy work has been consistent for Billy for the past 10 years. Starting on a table at massage school, he has continued his education on the ground with the practice of Thai Yoga Massage. Infused with this practice are the techniques of reiki, marma (ayurvedic energy points) and the option of being flown on my feet (therapeutic acro yoga). Billy is currently the backstage healing coordinator for Bhakti Fest 2023.