“My first Bhakti Fest as Work Exchange Coordinator we just had one level of “exchange”, which was the regular Work Exchange (WE), or “Seva” position. I was missing quite a few people on quite a few teams. Thankfully, I had just been to Summer Solstice in New Mexico for the first time a few months prior, and told people about my job. I was delighted when two guys (pictured here) from the Sound Crew at Solstice texted to offer their support!

When they arrived I introduced them to everyone and said “these guys are going to do MAHA Seva”—as in, they were going to go above and beyond what was asked of them. And they did! Funny enough, one of those guys became my husband a year later and is now the Sound Manager for the Yoga/Workshops Halls. And his sister is Bri who now works with Bhakti Fest.”