The Pleasure Map

Shakti Fest 2019 Post-Intensive

with Dawn Cartwright

Monday, May 13, 2019, 10am-1pm
Post-Festival Intensive Price:  $60 (early bird) $75 after April 11

The Pleasure Map: Neo-Tantra Secrets for Lovers
Shakti Fest 2019 Post-Intensive with Dawn Cartwright
Pleasure is a feeling, an emotion, it’s a state of mind. It’s something we experience when listen to music, when we’re in nature, when we dream, when we make love. Pleasure has an intelligence all its own, leading us places we might never explore without it.
Join Dawn Cartwright and special live musician guests Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda Yogiji for a post-Shakti Fest for an expedition into pleasure. The morning begins with a cacao ceremony infused with herbs and tinctures created to enhance pleasure, amplified with Neo Tantra practices designed to open the heart and awaken sexual fire.  
Uplifted by the incredible moments at Shakti Fest, we’ll create an inner map to expand our capacity for pleasure and intimacy. We’ll learn next-level Neo-Tantra practices and rituals that will make it even easier to bring these love-filled moments into our relationships, bodies, lives and work at home.
The Neo-Tantra path to pleasure begins with the elements, expands into our bodies through the senses and our surrendered receptivity to this moment just as it is. From there, the heart opens, pleasure deepens into the inner awareness of the world through feeling and flow states. We merge and remain distinct at the same time and the love that creates the world recognizes itself through our body.
When pleasure and awareness are combined, we suddenly discover who and what we truly are. We revel in our uniqueness – and – interconnectedness and we discover the endless, causeless joy that’s been inside us all along.
You’ll discover the importance of boundaries and knowing who you are. You’ll experience sensual communication techniques that will unleash your inner joy. You’ll learn pleasure enhancing Neo Tantra practices. You’ll be guided into creating your own, unique, pleasure map, awakening the magnificence of the lover that exists within you. A map to guide you in the weeks and months to come.
Alone and with other members of our amazing Shakti Bhakti family, you’ll come home to the pleasure that never ends.
Singles and couples welcome!