Kavita Kat MacMillan

Open Your Voice ~ Open Your Heart!!
Kavita’s transformational vocal opening workshop!
Through group exercises, movement, songs and lots of connecting and support,  Kavita guides participants to unpack energetics that hold us back from singing freely.  Through this process we allow for the opening of our own path of vocal expression.

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Sita Devi Dasi

Born in the sacred land of India, Sita Devi Dasi travels the world teaching the devotional stule of singing. She brings the sacred wisdom of the saints of India who immersed themselves in Composing Bhajans and kirtans in Sanskrit, Hindi and Bengali. Also a kathak dancer ,she expresses her devotion through dance. Come with your instruments and let’s create a sacred space of divine LOVE.

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Vaiyasaki Das

We teach the basic art and science of kirtan including the history of kirtan, how it evolved, how it became popular worldwide, and how you can lead kirtan in your community. Vaiyasaki Das spent 3 years trained by the masters in India and Bangladesh during the ’70s. He shares the knowledge of the masters with you.

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John De Kadt

DRUMSTORY-Dive into the deeper shadows and shimmering brilliance of your soul through the wisdom in ancient tales. Follow kings and queens, serpents and sages, hags and hunters through the trials and magic of being human. These myths left by our ancestors are treasures to be taken in becoming nourishment and wisdom for our journey.  Be carried through the adventurous doors of these stories accompanied by a rich tapestry of drums as we go on a passage of insight, danger and enchantment.

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Discover the voice of your soul with international kirtan artist, teacher, author, and former Hindu Monk, Girish. Sharing his three decades of experience, Girish offers practices to find and express your true voice through mantra chanting, one of the most powerful agents of transformation for every facet of your life.

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Gina Salá

A life-long chanter since her childhood ashram years,  join Gina Salā as she lovingly guides us in Indian ornamentation, refined pronunciation, and some useful tips to care for our bhakti voices while chanting kirtan, along with other elements from her Sound School, classes, retreats, and India tours.

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Govind Das

Come join Govind Das for Kirtan School. Participants will learn to cultivate the tools to enjoy the deep spiritual fulfillment in leading Kirtan.  Pls bring your Harmoniums, Kartals, Guitars, drums… we’ll learn a couple chants and jam to the Divine!

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Fantuzzi shares a lifetime’s experience of chanting since he first jumped ship heading overland to India in 1971, soaking up the blissful states of numerous Kumbh Melas and spirit festivals around the world. Join our Global Troubadour extraordinaire’s uniquely infectious energy in drumming and guitar-led call-and-response, non-traditional chants and more.

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Daniel Paul

Bring any drum, plastic water bottle or come anyway! Enjoy tabla demonstration and easy Kirtan Drum Circle! No experience necessary! Tabla drummer, Ali Akbar College graduate, Daniel Paul has performed in innumerable ensembles accompanying kirtan masters Jai Uttal, Gina Salá and many others.

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