Living Fully​ ​– Full Moon Meditation and Soma Prana Flow
Pilgrimage in Joshua Tree

with Shiva Rea & Demetri Velisarius

Monday, May 13, 2019, 9am-5pm
Post-Festival Intensive Price: $75 (early bird) $100 (after April 11)

Shive Rea Post Intensive Shakti Fest 2019

Shiva Rea & Demetri Velisarius

Join Shiva Rea, Demetri Velisarius and​ special live music guest for a pilgrimage to the Joshua Tree National Monument to connect our energetic body to the earth’s elemental energies on this “moonday or somavar”special Full Moon.

Experience a regenerative yoga to bring the energy of Shakti Fest, the power of the stones of Joshua Tree and the honoring of full moon to embody “shakti bhakti” – love of all forms of Shakti.

We will begin with a soma prana flow practice at Shakti Fest before moving into the park for our pilgrimage. Soma Prana Flow Yoga is a movement meditation to cultivate sublime “nectar” that is generated and released through mediation that restores ojas (inner vitality, love and inner peace).

We will guide you into the National Park for meditation, mantra, teachings and personal quiet time for inner vision and reflection. With the power of the stones, we will integrate prana danda yoga with a five foot staff, earth pranams and partner movement to for movement practice to awaken the inner body pilgrimage in yoga to realize the sacred nature within us all. The pilgrimage will begin from Shakti Fest and complete in the park. Car pool suggested and park entrance fee can be shared but is not included. Bring your lunch or you can order for Monday from Lydia organics for pick-up.