Walking diligently, you will see small groups of girls on the streets of Vrindavan every morning, on their way to Sandipani Muni School where they receive proper education. Seated gracefully in their classrooms, they prepare for their tomorrow. Every afternoon, these kids are served lunch, which is the only meal many of them will have that day. We have about 1300 girls studying in our 3 schools located in Vrindavan and have one school under construction at Govardhan.

Food for Life Vrindavan has a Sponsorship Program in place that is aimed at preventing child marriage by keeping the young girls in school until the age of 18. A girl can be sponsored at $45 per month. Out of $45, $40 is used towards their education, uniform, meals, skill development, medical care etc. The remaining $5 is held per month in a special fund until the girl is 18 years old. Education is proven to pave a pathway to employment, enabling the girls to end the cycle of poverty.