Carmen Curtis

carmen curtis

Carmen Curtis is an inspiration to the balance of athlete, art and yoga.  She is a guide for self love and healing through yoga and the aerial arts.  She is a visionary, creating space and opportunities for others to feel like a kid again, light, energized and free. Deeply influenced by the teachings of Shiva Rae, Gurmukh and Bryan Kest, Carmen is a champion gymnast from UCLA, professional Cirque performer, aerialist, choreographer, acclaimed yogi and fitness expert. She performed in incredible shows like in “De La Guarda” and “Le Reve”, and has also worked for Cirque Du Soleil, MTV, the Olympics, Beyonce’, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus, just to name a few. She is the founder of AIReal Yoga™,, the only brand of aerial yoga accredited by the Yoga Alliance.   AIReal Yoga™ is yoga in the AIR, using a hammock as a yoga prop to elevate your practice, alleviate pain and exhilarate the mind, body and soul.  Carmen is also the owner and directer of The Aerial Studio (, a certified RYS, a modern cirque, acrobatics, dance and yoga studio.  Carmen found yoga over 20 years ago as a way to heal her body from the extreme sports of gymnastic and Cirque performing and has been teaching it ever since.  She is a passionate teacher and community leader, she is a “teacher’s teacher”, guiding practices with great empathy, compassion and a desire to help serve.  Her wisdom is overwhelming and her passion to teach is deeply heartfelt.  The traveling yogi and mother teaches workshops, retreats, conferences, teacher trainings and performs all over the world.
Class descriptions: (Just so you know Intro is the most popular at festivals)
Intro to AIReal Yoga™.
Refine, realign, restore and renew your yoga practice with a hammock as your yoga prop. Learn the techniques of the first and only form of aerial yoga accredited by the Yoga Alliance, AIReal Yoga™. Supported by a silky hammock, holding on to you, guiding you and assisting your postures. You will feel light, free and float into the best Savasana you’ve ever dreamed of.  Let the hammock help to refine your practice, challenge you, and hold you while you flip your hourglass and see the world from a different view, upside down.  Led by Carmen Curtis, professional Cirque artist, yogi, and founder of AIReal Yoga™.  Carmen will safely guide you on a journey to find your inner child and find your own self healing through yoga and aerial. Elevate your practice,alleviate pain, exhilarate your soul.
AIReal Yoga™ Slow Flow.
Restore, renew and feel the flow as we connect the mind and body through breathe and movement. This is a chance to slow down and embrace the flow as you peacefully surrender to the hammock. It is an opportunity to enjoy the softer and more gentle side of AIReal Yoga™. We will use the hammock as a therapeutic yoga prop to decompress the spine, release tension and give space for healing. Guided into simple inversions as you safely flip your hour glass into a blissful state of presence. Inverting free from tension and compression while nourishing, healing, and decreasing stress and anxiety. Float into the best Savasana ever as we turn the focus inward and enjoy meditation and massage while suspended by the hammock. Led by Carmen Curtis, professional Cirque artist and founder of AIReal Yoga™, the first and only form of aerial yoga accredited by the Yoga Alliance.