Dharma Devi


Dharma Devi ~ Dana DeLong  has been involved in the Global Breathwork Community for over 35 years as a Certified Clarity Breathwork Trainer and Practitioner, inspirational spiritual teacher and guide. She travels the world, sharing the power of Clarity Breathwork~ Sacred Breath & Embodiment- A feminine form of Breathwork that is lead with gentle compassion and deep presence.  She is also certified by ARTI (Association of Rebirthers and Trainers Int’l.), and the former LRT (Loving Relationships Training) as well as Condor Blanco in Chile-a holistic and ecological mystery school. She is the co-founder of Clarity Breathwork & Clarity Productions, producing seminars, retreats and musical events around the globe, including many treks to India to immerse in the Divine Mother Festival.

Day 1. Birth Imprints & The Healing Power of Breath

The way we came into being – early messages & memories from conception, womb-time, and delivery can reverberate within us, and keep us from experiencing our beauty and true essence.   Many of us did not experience gentle birthing practices from unconscious handling by well meaning doctors & delivery teams.

This gentle yet deep feminine way of breathing into, & embracing these places inside of us – brings deeper understanding, compassion & courage to resolve what keeps us from shining fully, & opening to love.

Day 2. The Awakening Heart

The Clarity Breathwork  process helps to activate the subconscious mind and bring awareness and insights not easily accessed through traditional therapy. Breath opens the energy channels in the body and allows what we have been holding onto to surface and be released. This may be suppressed emotional material, physical blocks in the body, old beliefs structures and identifications, old memories, escape patterns and addictions.  Clarity Breathwork combines counseling and insight as well as a somatic experiential process where clients gain a deep level of insight, release emotional baggage and actually feel the patterns shifting and transforming. This supports a deeper experience of freedom, fulfillment and joy in one’s life.

A truly awakened heart knows the pathway to peace & can not help but serve humanity from it’s illumined compassion.