Hemalayaa Behl


Hemalayaa has traveled the world empowering thousands of people internationally with her unique combination of yoga, dance, cathartic vocalization techniques and ‘on the road’ self-care rituals. Traveling non-stop for over a decade, Hemalayaa has now incorporated travel remedies as a part of her practice. Her unique focus and passion is teaching business, diplomatic and military staff how to find peace, health and routine while on the road. Through joyous movement and self-care rituals, she facilitates international workshops and retreats, as well as hosting her own TV show, “Bolly Blast” – Bollywood dance and yoga. She has also created numerous fitness DVDs for conscious and transformational movement through Bollywood dance and yoga. Hemalayaa provides tools to for experiencing a balanced state of being, true self-acceptance and a passion for life.

Hemalayaa has been featured in numerous publications such as Origin, Yoga Journal, LA Times, NY Times, and Shape, as well as on talk shows, such as Ellen, Lisa Oz, and Today. Her personal blogs inspire and motivate people to live vibrantly, joyously and radiantly. She is highly sought for individual yoga and health coaching, as well as major yoga event leadership globally.

Experience an inspiring fusion of yoga, powerful breath-work and liberating free-form dance to break down the barriers that keep us from connecting to the Higher Self. Mantras and positive affirmations empower the practice, transcend the body and mind, so together we can enter the blissful stillness of the soul.