Josie Keys


Josie Keys is a shamanic dancer, a weaver of dreams, and a deep diver  into the psyche of the body.

A facilitator of Divine Feminine Embodiment and Igniter of the Flame of Mary Magdalene. She is deeply engaged in the rising wave of this energy as it re-emerges on the Earth plane. Through the practice of Sacred Tantric Dance, Josie helps shift the old paradigm of a shut down disconnected feminine, and grounds into our bodies the empowered, luscious, fertile expressions of God/Goddess that we are meant to be—beautiful manifestations of life force in human form.

Josie started on the devotional path in 1999, when Spirit brought her onto the paths of Amma, a Tantric Priest and a Tantric Belly Dance teacher in the same year. She was a student of all three for over a decade, and became a lineage holder of the dance when her teacher retired.

A natural seeker, Josie grew up in Australia, has travelled all over the world and currently resides in Venice, California. She teaches nationally and internationally, and along her path, has brought the Energy of the Divine Feminine into all of her creative explorations. She started as a photographer, filmmaker, and graphic designer, became a 5 rhythms dancer, Intuitive Astrologer and fine artist, and now embraces and embodies the Divine Mother in all aspects of Her Creative Expression.