Katie Wise & Bhakti Explosion

Katie Wise & Bhakti Explosion burst onto the scene in 2015 in Boulder, Colorado, and have been featured at festivals across the U.S., such as Lovelight, Arise, Hanuman, Tribal Vision, Flow Fest, Shasta Yoga Festival, One Fire, and Sister Winds. A classically trained pianist, singer, and nationally known yoga teacher and trainer, Katie invites participants at her events into an embodied experience of the divine. Bhakti Explosion’s first album, LOVOLUTION, produced by grammy-nominee Ben Leinbach, features angelic harmonies soaring over an array of western guitars and Indian instruments such as sitar, dilruba, dotar, harmonium, and tabla drums. With guest vocals by kirtan legend Jai Uttal, the album has already received substantial acclaim from fellow kirtan artists, Yoga Journal, Om Times, and Yoga International. Singing along with Bhakti Explosion is guaranteed to soothe your soul and uplift your spirit.