Ramana’s Garden

Ramana’s GardenToday, Ramana’s Garden is home to more than 60 at-risk children and a free English medium school up to 8th grade for more than 160 students.

Their mission is to support abandoned, destitute and abused children by providing them with nutritious food, proper shelter, medical care the highest education possible that they may thrive in a world that once seemed hopeless.

Ramana’s Garden is the only school of its kind in North India, honoring the highest standards of education to poor and untouchable caste children. In addition to the standard curriculum, they offer yoga, meditation, music, dance, theater, arts, crafts, and vocational training.

Their teachers are exclusively trained to use hands-on, creative teaching methods in the classroom. Most importantly, Ramana’s Garden is free for all attending students, which includes meals, uniforms, books and learning materials.

Though government regulation prevents Ramana’s Garden from providing education beyond 8th grade, they actively engage in supporting children beyond junior high school in pursuit of higher education. Currently Ramana’s Garden sponsors more than 20 students in this capacity.

Two of Ramana’s male graduates are currently documentary film producers – one is in university and the other is working for R.K. Films – while Sunita, a female graduate of is now starting medical school to become a gynecologist!

Not a day passes that Prabhuvati and Ramana’s Garden do not work toward the goal of eliminating suffering in the world and lifting children out of the viscous cycle they were born into. It is through receiving generous donations that Ramana’s Garden can continue to provide sustenance and such wonderful education to so many children in need.

Understanding the interconnectivity of all life is the root philosophy of Ramana’s Garden. Children left to die are not distant and disconnected problems, but rather lie at the very center of our own fates. We are citizens of the world and our thoughts, words and actions touch many.

What good is the prosperity we’ve inherited if we cannot use it to spread higher consciousness, joy and prosperity to the world?