Sam Geppi


“Yoga and Vedic Astrology in Theory and Practice”

Vedic astrologer Sam Geppi will explore the connection between the sister sciences of Yoga and Vedic astrology. This talk begins with an overview of Vedic Cosmology and will touch on themes common to both Yoga and Vedic astrology, including Karma, the Yugas, the Chakras, the sacred number 108 and many more. We will examine important Sutras from the most sacred Vedic astrology text, which describes how (and why) Spirit takes form – as YOU and everything.

We will also examine the (Western) scientific basis of Vedic astrology and all participants will leave knowing why and how astrology works – beyond just being told to just “believe in it”.

“Awakening the Sacred Masculine through Vedic Astrology”

As men, we are so much more than violent warriors needing to be tamed, oppressing women and inflicting “The Patriarchy” on the world. Many men have lost the “Righteous warrior” spirit. How to direct that inner fire away from frustration, and into purpose and focus? How to stay connected to the heart without being overwhelmed by emotion and losing your way? We will aim at this target today.

These principles are illustrated with elegance and grace through Vedic astrology. I will describe these principles and help you reclaim your power and purpose in your career, and regain your heart, dynamism and focus in relationships.