Come use your imagination to journey to the heart of Mother Earth, where faeries tend to your dreams. Create your one-of-a-kind faerie house using a variety of magical items to hold your dreams until they come true!

Sonia Wike has 3 amazing children and 2 awesome little grandkids. She is married to her soul mate, Sean Wike. They live in Santa Clarita where she is a teacher and the community coordinator specialist for the San Fernando Valley. Sonia has been teaching for over 25 years. She has also been producing the Kidz Zone at Lightning in a Bottle for 11 years. Sonia enjoys creating and facilitating an engaging program with unique crafts that children can take home and enjoy for years to come as well as workshops and classes that children and parents can enjoy.

We bring the sacred art of instrument making as a way to connect with the spirits of the land and honor Nature in all her beauty. Rainsticks originated from the Andes as a ceremonial instrument of honor and respect. You will be guided in making sturdy, colorful, unique, and long-lasting rainsticks. This is a guided and safe opportunity to practice using a hammer and nails to create these amazing treasures that you can keep and use in your ceremonies, Soundbath’s and adventures!

PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. This is an ancient mantra to express our love for each other and how we treat our temple bodies! Make one to give away and remind others of this sacred contract. Bring a smile to someone’s face or make one for yourself!

Have Fun. Create. Inspire. The Natural Leaders Foundation, 501-c3 non-profit organization, is a diverse community of holistic professionals, artists and athletes joining efforts in dedication to providing underserved youth and families with education and opportunities to rise and thrive.

Are you ready to galactivate to the next level of your mind, body and spirit wellness? Join us to love, honor and respect our body temples! Roll up your sleeves as we get hands-on and concoct yummy organic superfood smoothies together while we learn about enzymes, bees, antioxidants and why our bodies love them. Then let’s join together for a special cacao Sillymony before we drink our smoothies and take off to the stars!

Wings? Fins? Claws? Paws? Together we go on a mystic shamanic journey to discover your Spirit Animal and remember your animal totems. As you shapeshift through an interactive guided meditation, you will be accompanied by the sounds of the medicine drum and divine voice channeling. When we get back to planet earth, we will have markers, feathers & masks to bring our spirit animals to life with a secret sillymony.

Activate the Superpowers of the Planet with Crystal Energy! Each crystal holds the secrets to unlocking our flowing rivers, volcanic lava, butterfly wings, starry skies… using yoga asana we can awaken our own superpowers, communicate with Nature and connect with our Inner Truth. Everyone gets to take home crystal necklaces for their next adventure!

Sabrina Vedete Elmaliah is a Medicine Woman and Mama holding Sacred Ceremonial Space for Women and Families to live their highest truth and birth forth a new paradigm of wild roots based living. She is here to bridge the ancient worlds of Mysticism & Medicine through ritual, herbs, crystals and the incantations that invoke pure expressions of liberation from the womb-heart. Sabrina guides women and their children in Rite of Passage Ceremony, holds space as a Spiritual Counselor to release and heal birth trauma wounds, guides women on Conscious Conception Journey’s and works as a Yoni Steam Therapist to restore menstrual cycle balance. She is devoted to embodying the Divine Mother through the Womb of all Creation.

Sabrina has been stewarding the vision of rooting families as the foundation of the festival experience for over 15 years. She is proud to produce for epic, life-changing gatherings such as Bhaktifest, Envision Costa Rica, Beloved Festival, Symbiosis and so many more.

Tap into the inner child to reawaken your innate hunger to play and connect with your environment through adaptive movement. We will be guided by our inner rhythm and activate the bodily consciousness through various practices derived from gymnastics, parkour, and capoeira.

Ninjosh is a movement guide, vibrational alchemist, Earth worker. Founder and community organizer at The Parkour Garden in Tongva territory (North East Los Angeles).

We are making a giant mural together over the 3 days of Bhaktifest! Experience your unique role in the collective design of this universe! Calling all those who choose to be happy. The key word is ‘YOU’. I will screen the pattern that we create together with the dreams of our hearts onto a mural. We will then paint it together! This is an expression from the center of our hearts to the entire world.

Mahdieh Maleki grew up in Iran and Turkey. She loves to connect to each child’s energy and interact with them in the creative space of infinite. She realized the power of each pattern that points in a healing way. Her intention is reminding herself that life is creating by our arts which come through a natural way and are within us. Her creation is a Great Surrendered Full ART world. She also acted in a movie that won U.S. dramatic competition (Sundance Film Festival) award in 2023.

Sacred adornment is an ancient technology to honor the spirit and connect us to our ancestors. Rite of Passage is an initiation from one stage of life into the next. Calling all peaceful warriors and faerie queens to join us in a Tribal Markers rite of passage ceremony in the heart of connection and community of Bhakti devotion.

Jon Nash has been actively living a life of service focused on empowering the youth of venice, CA and abroad for over 15 years. He was granted the position of Children’s Ambassador in the Tribal Council of the Choctaw Muskogee Yamassee Nation 8 years ago. Since then his aims have narrowed in on healing trauma within the family unitthrough indigenous Rites of Passage. Jon’s passion is centered in strengthening the family unit in mind, body and spirit. He has learned first hand that well families are fundamental to any major changes in society being accessible or sustainable.