A Special Note to our Loving Community

Dear Bhakti Fest Friends and Family,

It’s hard to believe it’s been a full decade that we have been gathering in the desert in devotion. Since the beginning, we have seen our festival grow broader, deeper, and higher. There is nothing like Bhakti Fest. The offerings of world-class artists, yoga teachers, and spiritual leaders are unique and unparalleled. We did this together—the Bhakti Fest team and you, our attendees. As our partners in sustaining the festival, we are now reaching out with open hearts to ask for your support. We need you now like never before. 
This past year has seen some tough times for many people and many businesses. When we lost our beloved home after ten years, without missing a beat, we relocated temporarily. It was suggested to us that we take a break and regroup. We wanted to serve the community we built together and offer a May Shakti Fest as has been our tradition and expectation. Doing so took a huge toll on both our team and our finances. 

Our new venue in Twentynine Palms is spectacular and we have planned a festival for you that will feel like home. As always, we will have two stages, three yoga halls, three workshop halls, men’s and women’s sanctuaries, and our sacred temple for meditation and sound healing. There is a lake for paddleboard yoga classes and we will have a brand new CBD Pavilion. 

Our schedule is packed with the world’s best teachers, leaders, musical artists, and spiritual elders who are travelling from all over the world to be with us, including Radhanath Swami, Krishna Das, Mike Love, Dharma Mittra, Mark Whitwell, Pandit Acharya, and many, many others. Our esteemed brother, Ram Dass, has recorded a new DVD, especially for this festival. 

We have planned an incredible event. This is where you come in. By buying your tickets now, at the price of $250 for a full 4-day festival pass, you will make it possible for us to fly these leaders in, to create our new home, and to continue our tradition of making magic together. 
We do this for you. And we can’t do it without you. 

Please take a moment to go grab your tickets for Bhakti Fest and let’s do this. 
With love and gratitude,
The Bhakti Fest Production Team

“Today, like every other day, we wake up empty and frightened…. Let the beauty we love be what we do.”  ~ Rumi