Pre-Intensive with Saul David Raye

Pre and post Intensives are a wonderful way to extend your experience.  Join us for these immersive experiences led by some of your favorite teachers and presenters.   Don’t miss these unique opportunities to dive deeper into your practice and spiritual journey. Additional fee and a full pass required to participate.

Prana ~ The Secret of Life, Health & Longevity
Cultivating the Heart & Working with the 5 Elements for Healing, Awakening and Rejuvenation

with Saul David Raye & special guests

Deepen & Inspire Your Practice
Thursday May 14th! / 1:30 – TBD
Cost: $75 per person


There is no concept more central to Yoga and life than Prana (life force). It is present within all living things and is the key to health, longevity and balance. According to ancient yogic teachings, Mother Prana is a living intelligence that is both the inner teacher and the gateway to the Soul. This immersion will share teachings and practices to support you in awakening and strengthening the flow of Prana within, developing intuition and cultivating a deeper, richer energetic experience within your practice. We will of course also focus on the power of the heart and special practices and techniques to strengthen and support the heart.
 Class will include:
• Full Day of Practice and Teachings with Saul
• Yogic Teachings on Prana the Mother of Life
• Working Directly with the 5 elements
• Pranic Based Practices to deepen your Yoga Practice
• Healing Breathwork Practice
• Full Practice in the morning with Asana, Breathwork, Chanting and Meditation
• Lunar Practice in the afternoon for Rejuvenation, Resilience & Repair ( We will discuss the importance of the Nervous System, Vagus Nerve and the healing power of expanded states  of awareness.
• Pranic Based Meditation
• Healing Chants Mantras for Healing and 5 elements
• Practices for the Heart + tapping into the flow of Universal Energy
• Practices for working directly with Earth and the 5 elements
• 61 Point Meditation ~ Deep Relaxation Technique
All levels are welcome.


Sample Schedule 

1pm – Arrival

  •   Welcome + Teaching on Prana + Full Practice with asana, pranayama, chanting, meditation
  •   Break  (Please bring water and light energy snacks for your day :))
  •  Session 2  – Cultivating Prana Talk and Lunar Practice)  Includes Deep stretch, Lunar Prana
* Please bring a lunch, snacks, water, sunscreen, hat and appropriate layers. Also a a journal, pen, yoga mat and any props you need,

“Today, like every other day, we wake up empty and frightened…. Let the beauty we love be what we do.”  ~ Rumi