Seane Corn (she/her) is an internationally-acclaimed yoga teacher, author, and public speaker who has been at the forefront of yoga, activism, and community service for 28 years. Known for her social activism and impassioned teaching style, Seane is raw, honest, articulate, and spiritually inspired in her self-expression. Her leadership and commitment to justice for all beings, along with 30+ years of yoga practice, have galvanized thousands to practice, pray, find more purpose, and activate change from the inside out. A longtime student, Seane models authenticity in her yoga journey and is considered an artist in her craft.

Seane has chosen to use her platform to help bring awareness to global issues, including social justice, sex trafficking, HIV/AIDS awareness, and animal rights. In 2005, she was named “National Yoga Ambassador” for YouthAIDS, and in 2013 received both the Global Green International Environmental Leadership Award and the Humanitarian Award from the Smithsonian Institute. She co-founded the organization Off the Mat, Into the World®, which trained leaders in community activism. Seane also co-founded the Global Seva Challenge, which raised over $3.5 million by activating yoga and wellness communities in fund and awareness-raising efforts. Her first book Revolution of the Soul, was published in Fall 2019. Her online program, Align With Source, has a global reach of thousands and has been a touchstone of community support.

Himalayan Yoga Master, author, and founder of Akhanda Yoga, Yogrishi Vishvketu (Vishva-ji) is known for his infectious laughter and stories. His holistic approach brings forward ancient wisdom for a modern age incorporating asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation, and yogic wisdom in every class. His deepest aim is to inspire people to connect to their true nature, which is fearless, expansive, joyful, and playful.
A yogi at heart, he has studied and practiced Yoga for over 40 years and holds a Ph.D. in Yoga Philosophy. For the last 25 years, he has been sharing this unique blend of practical experience and knowledge of wisdom texts at workshops and conferences internationally. Yogrishi has trained thousands of teachers through his 100-, 200- and 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training programs at Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh, India, where he lives half of the year.

You may also join him at Akhanda Yoga Online for a full range of classes and wisdom talks you
can access anytime, anywhere! Vishva-ji is the author of Yogasana: The Encyclopedia of Yoga
Poses and collaborated on The Business Casual Yogi.

Shiva Rea serves the art of yoga around the world inspired by her Sat Guru Mata Amritanandamayi and thirty years of pilgrimage and studies in India. As founder of Prana Vinyasa and the Samudra Global School for Living Yoga, Shiva honors the roots of yoga, Ayurveda, and tantra in creative, life-transforming courses and trainings. Her studies in Tantra, Ayurveda, Krishnamacharya lineage, Kalaripayattu, Odissi and somatic
movement infuse an approach to living yoga and embodying the flow. Shiva teaches in conferences, festivals, and actions for the environment, yoga, and the arts, including International Yoga Festival, Bhakti Fest, Earthdance, Yoga Journal Conference, Esalen Institute, Kripalu Center for Yoga, Omega Institute, and Yoga Campus.

Shiva has served as an advisor to Yoga Alliance in making educational and humanitarian changes for the future of yoga in the US as well as serving organizations such as EarthWays, Trees for the Future, and Yoga Gives Back. In India, she brings students from around the world to learn from the roots of yoga twice a year, supporting the clinic of CVN Kalari in Thiruvanathapuram. She was chosen as an international teacher to be part of the Incredible India Campaign and has travelled extensively in the North and South, in pilgrimage and service.

Shiva Rea received her B.A. and M.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles in World Arts and Cultures where she started the first yoga program at UCLA. Her dharma is to support thousands of students, teachers from around the world on how to integrate yoga as a way of life.

Kia Miller is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher. She is the founder of Radiant Body Yoga, a holistic approach that honors the healing and
transformational potential within yoga. She is known for sharing her wonderful passion for life and well-being in her teaching. Kia views the
science and spirituality of yoga as a pathway to experiencing peak performance and great awareness. Her mission is to inspire and awaken as many people as possible to their own power and creative potential.

Kia leads workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings throughout the world and online.
Practice with Kia online at

Andrew Sealy is a connection catalyst, a Yoga artist, and a movement creator. His days are spent traveling to find adventure, practicing to cultivate growth, and constantly absorbing wisdom to creating new experiences that he shares with love to his friends around the world. He
finds joy in interviewing Yogis from all walks of life to share their inspiring stories on the Yoga Revealed Podcast.

Raghunath is a master teacher of yoga asana, and bhakti philosophy, and a kirtan leader. He
co-founded the #1 podcast for Hinduism/Spirituality, Wisdom Of the Sages: a daily yoga podcast
in 2020, and founded Supersoul Farm in upstate NY where he lives with his family, teaches and
leads retreats and trainings. He annually leads a sold-out pilgrimage to India. Raghu has been a
guest on Rich Roll and Joe Rogan podcasts. His upcoming book Punk to Monk is slated to be
released in the spring of 2024.

Harpinder Kaur Mann, RYT-500 (she/her) is a trauma-informed yoga teacher, mindfulness educator, speaker, and community builder currently living on Tongva Land (LA). Her practice is rooted in her spiritual background of Sikhism and Buddhism and ancestral roots in Panjab, India
– this informs her desire to teach yoga authentically as a spiritual practice and to bring in devotion and faith. Teaching since 2018 and practicing since 2013, she teaches in a way to help people mindfully connect to their bodies with curious awareness, to bring a sense of healing
peace and stillness, and create more meaning in their lives.

As the Founder of the Womxn of Color Summit, Harpinder is actively working to decolonize wellness by creating community and providing accessibility to healing spaces for BI&POC. Her work sits at the intersection between social justice and healing. She works 1:1 with folks on
reclaiming their power & intuition to be free, is passionate about working with pregnant people, teaches at recovery centers and to kids with autism, with teens, and has led events and speaks at organizations such as Tulane University, Grindr, Expectful, Ogden Museum, Decolonize Birth Conference, Lightning in a Bottle, and many more.

Tommy Rosen is an internationally renowned yoga teacher who holds advanced certifications in Kundalini and Hatha Yoga, and has 30 years of continuous recovery from addiction. Tommy leads spiritual retreats and presents regularly at conferences helping people to move beyond patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serve them. Tommy is the founder of Recovery 2.0, where he has built the Recovery 2.0 Global Community, the Online Conference series, the Group Coaching Program and the Recovery 2.0 Yoga-Informed Coach Training. Tommy’s first book, Recovery 2.0: Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life, (Hay House) was published to International acclaim and continues to transform the lives of readers across the globe today.


My name is Tejal (she/they). I’m a first-generation Indian American yoga teacher, writer, podcaster, and community organizer. I advocate for yoga through a social justice lens and educate and empower individuals and groups around the world to do the same. I accomplish this vision through the Tejal Yoga online studio, a revolutionary all South Asian teacher-led yoga community focused on social justice actions and authentic, culturally-rooted spiritual practices, the abcdyogi global community led by South Asian yoga and mindfulness teachers, and the Yoga is Dead Podcast, offering education through podcast, e-book, and webinar trainings.

MC YOGI is a recording artist, award winning author, and yoga teacher. He’s taught yoga and performed across the globe headlining at festivals in over 30 US cities as well as Canada, Mexico, Japan, China and Korea. His unique style of music and teaching is joy filled and spiritually up lifting. His first three records were all #1 on the iTunes world music charts and his fifth album, Ritual Mystical, reached #1 on apple electronic music. In 2017 HarperOne published his memoir, Spiritual Graffiti which tells the story of his early years as a juvenile delinquent, living at a group home for at risk boys, to discovering yoga and launching his career as MC YOGI which would eventually lead to sharing yoga and music on the world stage including the Forbidden City in China and at the White House. When he is not on tour, MC YOGI teaches at his home studio Point Reyes Yoga, which he founded with his wife Amanda in 2001.

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Govind Das and Jacquline Michelle (Radha) are California-based Bhakti yogis and Kirtan singers. They are a husband and wife team with great love and devotion for the Divine, the dharmic path, and the gift of life itself. This is the essence that is reflected and transmitted
through their music and teachings. Through the sacred practice of Kirtan and the practices and philosophy of the Bhakti Yoga
culture, they will guide you on a yogic adventure deep into the essence of Bhakti – the yoga of the Heart, the yoga of Love.

Govind Das & Radha live on the coast of Los Angeles with their 2 children Malakai and Ruby. They lead Kirtan concerts, Bhakti yoga workshops, and transformative retreats throughout the world.

Instagram: @bhaktiyogashala @govind.das.108 @radha.ma108

Hemalayaa mentors visionary women to radiate their magnetic energy, being in their embodied leadership, and magnetize their desires with ease.

DTO is an award-winning music producer, designing inspirational music that raises the vibrations of the planet.  DTO kicked off his career with a spark with his remix of “Love Me” by Grammy-nominated producer, StoneBridge.  DTO followed up with Nameless Energy, a yoga soundtrack recognized by Deepak Chopra for the kirtan project “Jai Ram” ft. Tara Devi. Nameless Energy is a music playlist guiding yoga instructors and students through a 60-minute yoga class. This album has integrated into the yoga world as an inspiring, healing, and transformational musical journey.  DTO launched his 2nd album, Infinite Energy with 7 songs for 7 chakras. Featuring seven global artists singing in many languages.

Carmen Curtis is the creator and founder of AIReal YogaTM, the first aerial yoga teacher training brand recognized by the Yoga Alliance.
With over 25 years of experience performing and teaching aerial, Carmen has dedicated her life to making yoga accessible to everyone at every level. Her extensive background in Cirque and gymnastics, combined with her expertise in yoga and fitness, has allowed her to develop a unique and innovative approach to Aerial Yoga that has captured the attention of yoga enthusiasts worldwide.

Carmen has a beautiful passion for teaching and sharing her knowledge, when you take class with Carmen you can really feel that Love is in the AIR. Her expert guidance and empathetic teaching style has earned her the reputation as a “teacher’s teacher,” inspiring and guiding
yogis of all levels to explore the healing power of the aerial hammock.

Through her curriculum writing, teacher trainings, and wide range of styles and levels, from yoga to aerial, restorative to acrobatic, Carmen has created a community of practitioners who have discovered the many benefits of aerial yoga. Her deep purpose and passion to share how
the aerial hammock can be a prop for self-awakening, self-care, and self-healing is at the ethos of everything she does.

Beyond her work in aerial yoga, Carmen’s impact extends to Hollywood celebrities like Beyonce and Lady Gaga, whom she has choreographed for and trained. Her dedication to creating the safest curriculums and making yoga accessible to all has made her a true force for good in the
world of wellness.

Learn more about classes, trainings, or to purchase aerial hammocks:
Watch a Free Flow on Youtube:
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Melissa Grisi (she/her) is a therapist, yoga facilitator, artist and full-time resident of the High
Desert. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), EMDR Certified therapist, Certified
Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC), Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga
Facilitator (TCTSY-F), and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500).

Spanning a 20 year career in mental health, Melissa has extensive experience facilitating
healing spaces, retreats and workshops. Melissa offers individual and couples therapy,
trauma-sensitive yoga, groups and consultation in her private practice; to learn more, please

Allison Eaton (Gita Ma) is a global Yoga Teacher Trainer, Reiki Master and Spiritual Mentor. She is a
kirtan musician and the author of many yoga and Reiki training manuals. Allison’s compassionate and
intuitive teaching style is known to inspire her students’ authentic hearts to shine, empowering them to
flow with Divine love and grace.