Jacob has lead a humble life dedicated to the principles of peace and devotion. In this time he has cultivated a deep understanding of Kirtan and the root philosophies. Living alone amongst mother nature, Jacob spent many years in study teaching himself Sanskrit, philosophy, astrology, and many of the limbs of yoga. In recent years he as awakened the world to share this deep love for a spirituality and path that has touched his heart and guides every waking breath.

Amanda is an accomplished Yogini, Kirtan leader, healer, artist, and activist/activator. Her classes contain a playful and dynamic mixture of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, meditation, and spontaneous movement all inspired by the spirit of Bhakti Yoga, or the path of devotion. Her classes actively support students in cultivating a more loving and fulfilling relationship with self/source/spirit.

Manohar is an incredible percussionist who fills the room with melodic, rich rhythms. From the subtle to the entrancingly complicated upbeat cadence, you will be carried though the journey that is Kirtan.