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kumi yogini

Kumi is short for, Ma Nithya Kumudini, a Sanskrit name that means "Eternal White Night Lotus.” It was given to her during her time at an ashram in India in 2009. 

Kumi's journey into yoga has been one of self-discovery and spiritual growth. In 2001, she took her first yoga class, and has been teaching since 2003. 2010, she was introduced to Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of love and devotion, in Laguna Beach, California. Since then, she has studied with her teacher Tukaram Prabhu, gaining a deeper understanding of the essence of the sacred Vedic teachings. 

After a decade of teaching, freelance graphic design, and managing for CorePower Yoga, Kumi was inspired to open her own studio in 2014. Veda Yoga is a non-profit organization in Southern California that focuses on educating the community on the scientific principles of yoga as taught in the Vedic literatures of ancient India. Her teachings however, extend beyond the studio, as she currently teaches yoga, meditation, philosophy classes, workshops, retreats, conferences, and teacher training programs internationally. 

Kumi's incredible journey into the world of yoga is a testament to the transformative power of this ancient practice. Her passion for sharing this gift with others is evident in everything she does, and her dedication is an inspiration to those around her.



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