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The Bhakti Fest Group is an organization dedicated to creating and hosting transformative spiritual and music festivals, retreats, and experiences. Rooted in the philosophy of Bhakti, our group's flagship events, Bhakti Fest and Shakti Fest, provide platforms for individuals to explore and deepen their spiritual practices.

The Bhakti Fest Group Logo

Bhakti Fest was founded in 2009, with the intention of gathering a community together to celebrate the devotional paths of Kirtan, yoga, and wellness. Since then, our family-run business has welcomed people of all backgrounds together for over 25+ festivals, 15+ retreats and journeys to India, and been a part of countless other gatherings of like-minded individuals. We are committed in this path to minimizing our ecological footprint and promoting sustainable practices throughout the festival, and we strive to create a space that not only celebrates diversity but also embraces inclusivity, where all individuals, regardless of background or identity, feel welcome and valued. Through our programs and offerings, we aim to foster a sense of community, connection, and love, promoting personal growth, self-discovery, and a deepening of one's spiritual path. We believe in the transformative power of Bhakti, or devotional love, and our festival serves as a sacred space for individuals to explore and cultivate this love within themselves and in the world around them.

A group of musicians smiling on stage as they sing at night at Shakti Fest
A group of people at Bhakti Fest 2023

center for spiritual studies

Bhakti Fest is operated and owned by Center for Spiritual Studies, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. At the Center for Spiritual Studies, our mission is to create transformational experiences that inspire individuals to explore and deepen their spiritual journey. We are committed to fostering a vibrant, inclusive, and sacred space for people from all walks of life to come together and connect through the power of music, yoga, meditation, and conscious living.

Driven by our core values of love, unity, and spiritual growth, we aim to provide a platform for renowned spiritual teachers, musicians, and healers to share their wisdom and talents, empowering attendees to unlock their true potential and embark on a path of self-discovery and inner fulfillment.

Through our festivals, workshops, and events, we strive to cultivate an atmosphere of harmony, where participants can explore various spiritual traditions, engage in heartfelt dialogue, and forge meaningful connections that transcend boundaries. Our intention is to create a deep sense of community that celebrates diversity and honors the universal principles of compassion, peace, and service. We are committed to helping support and uplift some amazing charitable organizations. Check out some of the organizations we work with below!

board of directors

Sridhar Silberfein

Zoe Kors

Annabella Silberfein

A man leads puja early in the morning at Bhakti Fest
People dance in the desert at Bhakti Fest
A man holds his hands in the prayer position
People hugging at an outdoor festival
Ramana's Children's Home Logo
Food For Life Vrindavan Logo
Seva Logo
Share Your Care Logo
A man hugging Ram Dass


The Love Serve Remember Foundation is dedicated to preserving and continuing the teachings of Neem Karoli Baba and Ram Dass.

Ram Dass Love Serve Remember Foundation Logo
A young girl holding a stuffed animal smiles as she sits in a hammock


Seva Foundation partners worldwide to create self-sustaining programs that preserve and restore sight. For 30 years, Seva Foundation has served people around the world who are struggling for health, cultural survival, and sustainable communities.

A man in India is being tended to by a doctor


Share Your Care is a community relief & project development wing of Bhaktivedanta Hospital, which focuses on projects, programs and causes in the healthcare sector with the main objective to provide free, concessional & affordable health care services to the needy.

A group of children in India


Ramana’s Garden is the only school of its kind in North India, honoring the highest standards of education to poor and untouchable caste children. In addition to the standard curriculum, they offer yoga, meditation, music, dance, theater, arts, crafts, and vocational training.

A group of children at school in India


Food for Life Vrindavan is a humanitarian association officially recognized by the Indian government. For the last ten years, Food for Life Vrindavan has worked in the poorest villages in the Vrindavan area.

The most important part of our purpose in this practice is our Seva. Seva is a Sanskrit word meaning selfless service or acts of devotion to others. Seva is deeply rooted in our ethos and hearts. Part of this for us is donating to and spreading awareness about some of our favorite organizations doing impactful work. Are you interested in collaborating with us to give back to an organization you love or work with? Email us


Here are some of the organizations we love uplifting:

“One should see the opportunity to serve as a rare and precious gift, and never waste such an opportunity.”


giving back

Children in India work on their schoolwork

charity spotlight

“Education is the best provision for old age. And we prepare our school kids for it.”
-Sandipani Muni School 

Walking diligently, you will see small groups of girls on the streets of Vrindavan every morning, on their way to Sandipani Muni School where they receive proper education. Seated gracefully in their classrooms, they prepare for their tomorrow. Every afternoon, these kids are served lunch, which is the only meal many of them will have that day. We have about 1300 girls studying in our 3 schools located in Vrindavan and have one school under construction at Govardhan.

Food for Life Vrindavan has a Sponsorship Program in place that is aimed at preventing child marriage by keeping the young girls in school until the age of 18. A girl can be sponsored at $45 per month. Out of $45, $40 is used towards their education, uniform, meals, skill development, medical care etc. The remaining $5 is held per month in a special fund until the girl is 18 years old. Education is proven to pave a pathway to employment, enabling the girls to end the cycle of poverty.

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