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Nikunja is a devotional artist, teacher, and facilitator of transformative experience rooted in the Bhakti path. She first started practicing yoga and meditation at 15 years old and began instructing at 19. The wisdom of yogic science revolutionized her life amidst intense life challenges. This gave her the motivation at that young age to devote herself completely to this path. Now, she combines her passion and background in the arts, along with 15 dedicated years on the journey of awakening. Currently her offerings are primarily inspired by the wisdom and teachings found in Bhakti Yoga whilst weaving in her plethora of experience within various traditions.
She fuses story telling, the poetry of saints, yogic insights, and traditional and contemporary soundscapes, to guide listeners on a profound journey of discovery, dedicated practice, and transformation. Everything she shares is an invitation to dive deeply, and sincerely into the journey of awakening.
Nikunja's innovative projects bridge the world of ancient, timeless teachings for modern audiences, notably through her work that intertwines film and music singing the Bhagavad Gita— a project given by her satguru. By singing key verses in English, she endeavors to make these teachings more relatable and accessible for these modern times.
Nikunja draws from her spiritual lineage, and rich life experiences to embody and transmit the essence of yoga as a daily devotional practice. She engages her audience with offerings that ignite curiosity and inspire exploration into the spiritual tenets foundational to the path. With a focus on Bhakti, silent meditation, and teachings from the yogic science in the Gita, Nikunja provides practical and creative tools for cultivating harmony, purpose, and a loving relationship to the Divine.
Her initiative, "Dancing with the Divine," is a project designed to bring the practice of kirtan and humanities' ancient bond to communal dance, into the modern world. She guides participants through a liberating ecstatic dance journey accompanied by live music, meditation, and collective mantra chanting, emphasizing a drug-free environment to foster genuine spiritual encounters. In this space, participants are encouraged to explore their true nature, connecting with the universal language that transcends words.
Nikunja's offerings, ranging from intimate gatherings to grand stages, integrate music, movement, and mantras. Her presence at festivals, retreats, and corporate events worldwide has inspired in others moments of transcendence and deep devotion.
Her prayer is that all which she is blessed to share, facilitate the remembrance of our true essence and interconnectedness with the whole.

Music and Workshops


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