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radhika das

Radhika Das is widely being considered kirtan’s next rockstar. 15 years ago, he went in search of spiritual truth and deeper happiness. The path he connected most with is "Bhakti Yoga," the journey of love and devotion, and of the various limbs of bhakti, Radhika dedicated most of himself to becoming absorbed in the ancient practice of Kirtan.

“I'm devoting my life to helping people find spiritual fulfilment, whether it be from an existing yoga or spiritual background or those with limited or no exposure to any practice. My aim is to help you toward a holistic way of joyful living through mantra chanting.”


A variety of spaces have been kind to include Radhika Das’s efforts, such as collaborative events with Russell Brand, yoga festivals: Wanderlust, World Yoga Festival, Soul Circus and at venues like The British Museum.



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