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Bhakti Fest 2024
The Bhakti Fest mandala
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The Bhakti Fest Group is the visionary force behind the transformative Bhakti Fest, hosting spiritual gatherings in Joshua Tree, CA, that seamlessly blend music and yoga. Additionally, we organize Luna Sol Retreats, offering annual pilgrimages to sacred destinations like India and Bali, providing participants with profound and enriching experiences.

Michael Franti at Bhakti Fest 2023
Acro Yoga at Bhakti Fest
People dancing at Bhakti Fest
Yoga class outdoors in Joshua Tree National Park at Bhakti Fest

bhakti yatra

January 24 -
February 9, 2025

A soul journey to the spiritual heart of India.

Bhakti Fest

September 27-29, 2024

Bhakti Fest celebra​tes the devotional paths of yoga, Kirtan, and meditation.

luna sol retreats

Coming Soon!

Our next retreat

will be announced


Bhakti Fest Mandala
Joshua Tree
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"So happy you gathered us all in the desert to remember together and ripple out that remembrance of pure love and endless possibilities into the world"


"Here, all hearts are ready and willing to praise love onwards into eternity. I feel so at home at Bhakti Fest, especially when everyone lets loose and dances together! Yay!'


"Magic, magic, magic! A gathering of rythmic music for our souls to dance to, movement that heals our bodies, and classes that nourish our minds. Can't wait for the next one!" 


"Golden light in a place filled with golden divine love + spirits. It was an amazing weekend! Deep gratitiude for all the staff and volunteers that made it happen!"


"I close my eyes and I'm there. My heart beats and I'm there." 


"Sooo much magic!"



Media Buzz

"Bhakti Fest was not just an event but a sacred gathering that enriched our minds, bodies, and souls. It was a reminder that, like the changing seasons, our journeys are cyclical, and coming back into balance is a continuous, beautiful process. As we move forward, may these lessons from the desert oasis guide us, nourish our spirits, and inspire us to find unity within ourselves and with the world around us."

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People dancing and singing at Bhakti Fest
People at Bhakti Fest in Joshua Tree
Kia Miller teaching yoga while people are in savasana at Bhakti Fest
People dancing at Bhakti Fest
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