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Bhakti Earth Guardian Fund

Bhakti Fest

Bhakti is the practice of LOVE. And one of the most divine sources of love is our beautiful Mother Earth. We couldn't gather and connect as a community in the way that we do without our incredible site, and the sacred grounds it's on.

How can we love each other better and love Mother Earth too?


Support our efforts to care for Mother Earth by donating to our Bhakti Earth Guardian Fund. 


We are inviting supporters who love Bhakti Fest and are deeply devoted to Bhakti to share a donation to this fund so that we can give back to and regenerate the land we all celebrate Bhakti on.

Where will the money go?

+ Tools, building materials, plants/seeds for waste management and soil regeneration

+ Labor (supporting all those who facilitate or apprentice with financial resources as well as restoration activities throughout the festival)

+ Education - so future attendees continue to practice Bhakti of Mother Earth

+ Supporting local Native tribes to have access to care for the land and keep it sacred


+ Regenerating the local ecosystems

+ Fostering the regeneration of local fauna, bees, fungi and plants

+ Growing medicine and food for the local community and future festival attendees!

+ Support the Bhakti team that makes the festival possible! 


We intend to make the allocation of these funds transparent to the Bhakti Community! Feel free to send us an email to inquire about where funding has gone at any point and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Thank you for your continued support and for making this possible!

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