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Ashoka has been meditating for twenty-three years. He was trained at Vipassana Meditation Center in Chicago and by many spiritual leaders including Dr. Lama Willa Miller Ph.D & Lama Liz Monson Ph.D from Harvard Divinity School, Lama Samten, Lama John Markansky, , Venerable Khenmo Drolma and Swami Tyagananda. He graduated in a two-year Margha Program studying with Dr. Lama Willa Miller. Margha program trains students thoroughly and deeply in a variety of meditative practices. He has guided meditation at Bhakti Fest, Lovelight Festival and Maine Yoga Fest and in yoga classes. He is a student of Self Realization Fellowship. He enjoys his daily meditation. He founded Sadhana, a meditation center. He has published articles on meditation.



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