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Welcome to the pulsating world of Marieme, where music isn’t just heard; it's felt in every fiber of your being. This Senegalese-American artist doesn’t just sit at the intersection of genres, she redefines it, crafting an unapologetic symphony of self-love, rebellion, and empowerment, all crystallized in the mantra: "Consciousness is the New Rock 'n' Roll." Marieme masters two performance styles with ease. Her energetic hybrid Dj sets captivate
dancefloors with her own original music, all infused with uplifting and thoughtful lyrics. Or her
stage performances can draw audiences into deep, soul-stirring ballads and melodies that echo
the emotional intensity of artists like Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse, while infusing her own
Senegalese heritage into her music.

From resonating with 10,000 souls at Red Rocks to setting the iconic floors of Pacha, Ibiza ablaze, and leaving a mesmerizing imprint on the playa of Burning Man, Marieme's vibrational footprint is undeniable. Beyond live shows, her sounds provide a rich, emotional backdrop to films and TV, including lending sonic emotion to promotions for Michelle Obama and Oprah’s Netflix special and bringing emotional depth to Grey's Anatomy scenes, not to mention permeating Apple TV campaigns and the UK’s Radio 1 airwaves. Marieme doesn’t collaborate; she co-creates, forging musical alliances with heavyweights like, Trevor Hall, Above & Beyond, Spencer Brown, Luedji Luna, and East Forest, developing a musical catalog that’s as diverse as it is impactul.

Recognized by V Magazine as a 'next-gen icon' and labeled a “Powerhouse” by Glamour
Magazine, Marieme transcends artistic norms. Her work is an invitation to engage with music
on a deeper level, aiming to unify listeners through melody, rhythm, and meaningful lyrics. Marieme is more than just an artist; she represents a movement for change. Each song is an invitation to journey with her into deeper realms of consciousness, promoting empowerment and healing. With her debut album upcoming, along with new collaborations and a full schedule of international performances, Marieme continues to merge her sound, message, and vision for global unity through her vibrant musical journey.



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