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megan ingber

greetings gaias. my name is megan, i come as a passenger on this ride of life alongside you.

as a student of plants, planets, and people, i am led by a curiosity about the worlds within/without, above/below, seen/unseen - how they are all interdependent + interconnected.

over the past ~8 years i lived mostly nomadically + in community spaces, providing me with much experiential learning/moments of remembering how to be together again. indigenous wisdom, regenerative agriculture, and herbalism (eastern + western) are just some of the areas of my explorations.

i’m the founder of rhythmic delights — a business based in Joshua tree, CA, offering food as art~art as food, quantum wellness services, free-hand mandala art, and consultations. currently building a life of love + creating a food forest here in sweet collaboration with the Mojave desert.

i am here to be the embodiment for the love of being alive in this body here + now, in a deeply sensual way. listening for guidance in wholehearted alignment with the way through, with gentleness + depth/lightness. grounded in this earth body, an ear to the sky, a soft inner heart connected with the subtle realms. it is a path guided by delight/wonder/awe, and in relationship with terrestrial + celestial rhythms. livin in the rhythm of delight!

the offerings i’ll share in this container are resources for remembering.

and as we move out of a human-centered era, may we embrace an era alongside all our kin - mineral, fungal, vegetable, animal, celestial, beyond.

remembering source/creator at the center as part of our ancestral memory ~ our indigeneity ~ our belonging to one another here, forwards, and back. may our liberation be rooted in this.

opening up patterns of possibility for beauty to begin~continue to make themselves increasingly apparent in the most gentle ways through all hearts across~beyond time/space.

you are invited to join me in this exploration. let your curiosity guide the way.

may you be well in all realms ~ in the sweetest service to all beings in all of existence,



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