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ronald alexander

Ronald A. Alexander, PhD, MFT, SEP (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner) is a mind-body psychotherapist, leadership coach, international trainer, and mindfulness meditation expert. He is the Executive Director of the OpenMind® Training Program, a leading-edge organization that offers personal and professional training programs in mindfulness-based somatic and yoga therapies, transformational leadership, and meditation. A Buddhist practitioner and ordained as a Zen Buddhist, Dr. Alexander (often referred to as Zendoc) has studied and taught cross-cultural systems of meditation, Kundalini yoga, and other healing disciplines for 40 years in the U.S., Europe, Russia, Australia, Canada, Japan, and Asia. He is the author of Core Creativity: The Mindful Way to Unlock Your Creative Self, a practical and engaging guide to achieving clarity and profound transformation in one's life, and Wise Mind, Open Mind: Finding Purpose and Meaning in Times of Crisis, Loss, and Change plus two meditation CDs.



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