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sita devi dasi

Dr Sandhya Subramanian, B.D.S (Dental surgery). MS( Psychotheraphy and Counselling)

(Sita Devi Dasi) 

She is a qualified dentist but very passionate about also working for the environment and Youth and Women.

She started the Bhaktivedanta Hospital Youth Foundation under which she conducted the AIDS awareness counseling program for youth based on

cultural and traditional value systems of India for a decade starting 2006 to 2016 and impacted almost 50,000 Youth. She initiated other projects such as Anti plastic campaigns and tree plantation drives

engaging youth from 50 schools and colleges in Mumbai. 

Spiritually she is a sincere practitioner of Bhakti yoga for the past 25 years.    She presently heads the Women Empowerment and Skill Development Program for rural women at Radhanath Swami’s Eco Village outside of Mumbai. This program assists local women with respect to various aspects such as spirituality, health, poverty alleviation, and food security to offer them a livelihood through skills such as stitching, painting, handicrafts, and food production. As a trained dentist she gives free treatment and awareness talks in the villages about general health and hygiene.

She conducts workshops and seminars and conducts counseling and psychotherapy, especially for women's issues.

She has participated in many conferences and seminars such as the Nexus Conference.

Ecotheology Conference organized by Yale University at GEV.



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