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subhadra griffiths

Join master yoga teacher Subhadra, founder of Yoga Angels Intl., at Bhakti Fest on September 27-29, 2024. With almost three decades of experience, Subhadra has been a pioneer in introducing yoga to children since 1997. She has enriched the lives of children through her practical and enjoyable teaching techniques. As a mother of four, Subhadra has perfected peer teaching methods that resonate with children of all ages.

Yoga Angels International has successfully offered children's yoga classes in renowned institutions such as the Beverly Hills School District, the Los Angeles Unified School District, youth programs in Kingston, Jamaica, and Africa. YAI foundation has even brought yoga and mindfulness to youth correctional facilities through USAID and OAS. Our unique approach incorporates the power of drums and music to create a lively and playful environment, enabling children to explore yoga poses in a fun and interactive way.

Yoga Angels Children's Way provides a transformative opportunity for children aged 3 to 18 to discover the freedom of body, mind, and spirit through laughter, joy, and excitement. We strongly believe in empowering young individuals to learn their value while having fun and unlocking their boundless potential. The journey of self-discovery through yoga leaves a positive impact for a lifetime. Together, let's create a world where children thrive and radiate positivity.



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