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christopher lionheart

Christopher Lionheart is a singer/songwriter whose music style is inspired by conscious alternative artists such Trevor Hall and Nahko, as well as devotional kirtan artists like The Hanuman Project and Guara Vani. He creates a warming blend of intimate acoustic, reggae and devotional sounds that quickly bring listeners into the heart space. Christopher was born with a passion for worship, often leading worship for Bible studies and youth groups, until he started searching for his own authentic path to God – which led him to Kirtan. Christopher offers a unique and heartfelt fusion of Kirtan and medicine songs. In recent years he has gravitated towards the path of Bhakti, devotional worship and chanting, and it has become a cornerstone of his music and life. The deep resonance and power he brings with his voice helps listeners and participants to allow their own voice to open from the depths of the soul. His intention for his music is to break people’s hearts open to divine love and that they realize that their own devotion through song is a wide open doorway to that.

Lakshmi Lounge


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