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cosmic yum


Unite in deliciousness and sacred play at our COSMIC YUM CACAO CEREMONY. We honor our physical form and the mystic nourishment of life in this ritual of fun to enchant and delight

join Missy Galore, traveling Dave + friends Channeling COSMiC YUM from our Central Sun to Galactivate LOVEolution

Missy Galore is a prayerformance artist who grew up with Cacao as a love language in her Family. Now expanding this with ancient wisdom and ancestral memory, we will quantumly entangle with nourishing love, sharing in CACAO as a Cosmic Hug infusing our molecules with kindness and vitality at our interactive CACAO CEREMONY

Cacao medicine man travelindave seeks out true herbs, holistic plants and cacao from all over the world. Sharing his insights and info of this true ancient super food at ceremonies, events, private parties and eco villages.
this powerful medicinal super food detoxes and nourishes the body with more vitamins and minerals. It’s truly a survival tool for longevity and health.

Lakshmi Lounge


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