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We are the GALACTIVATORS, a multi-dimensional musical collective from Long Beach, California. Our mission is to inspire and empower individuals through the transformative power of Galactivation, a fusion of music, dance, art, and spirituality. A Galactivation is an experiential process of tapping into one’s authentic self, unlocking inner potential, and expressing unique creativity. By engaging in this powerful process, individuals expand their consciousness and connect deeply with the universe. Our concerts are transformative experiences that combine the power of music with cosmic philosophy. They feature a high level of freestyling and improvisation, making each concert unique. But what truly sets us apart is our ability to channel universal energies into our lyrics, fostering growth and understanding in our audiences. We are committed to community engagement and interactive performances. Our audience members aren’t just spectators; they become active participants in the Galactivation process, contributing to a collective energy that’s unlike anything else. Our music, dance, and art act as catalysts for personal transformation and self-healing. We create original, frequency-specific music designed to activate the subconscious and superconscious, promoting unity and self-awareness. Our freestyling and improvisation embrace spontaneity and creativity, and we’re passionate about teaching others to unlock their unique expressive potential. When you attend a GALACTIVATORS concert, you’re not just listening to a band – you’re joining a cosmic journey of exploration and transformation.

Lakshmi Lounge


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