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vaidehi amair

Vaidehi Amair is an artist that brings together her love for hip hop,
trap, and mantra through her music and live performances at
festivals and beyond. She loves sharing spiritual knowledge
creatively through the performing arts as an offering and spiritual
practice in service to her Guru. Born and raised in the temples of
the Bhakti Yoga tradition under the guidance of her Guru, Srila
Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev Goswami Maharaj, the practice of Kirtan
is her foundation. She offers this music to her Guru and lineage,
where she learned these songs and mantras. Her sound is unique,
authentic, and alive with the potency of mantra and hopefully, the
blessings of her guru. Find her at @VaidehiAmair on Instagram and
all music platforms.

Vaidehi’s music is a fusion of mantra, rap/hip hop, trap, and bass.
Originating from the Bhakti Yoga Kirtan tradition, the vocal style
inspires a profound resonance that unlocks and uplifts body, mind
and soul. It brings together the ancient and contemporary,
merging the sacred temple sound with colloquial wordplay and the
soundscape of electronic dance music.

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